Friday, June 12, 2015

Climbing the ladder....Or Not So Much....

What a fun exciting time here at our house! Alex has an amazing job offer and is passing his CPA exams! Kate is finishing 1200 of interning hours and maybe just maybe she can see the light at the end of the tunnel. With the kids thinking about jobs and salaries and benefits and buying new cars and paying for grown up things, we've talked about money. Oh money, lots of talk about money. I love money, I hate money! Rick and I moved to Hoover 12 years ago. It was a promotion for him. He did his two years at Lilly corporate in Indy. He learned a lot. We never saw him. Thankfully the kids were little, we had great friends and we made it through that time. It was a huge stepping stone and got us to the next level. We sacrificed time away from our families for the next level. We were willing to do that. It's not always easy but it's one of things we chose to do plus we were eager to get to a more mild climate as winter does not agree with me! But, we've stayed here. There have been many times Rick could have had the oppportunity to move up. Rick's career has been in pharma the past 17 years and  moving up meant moving. Moving to the Atlanta and then New Jersey. No doubt botht those places are wonderful and have so much to offer, but, taking the kids out of Hoover where we had put baby roots down would have hurt. We're good at meeting people and the kids would have most likely been fine but there's something about just staying put and letting the years pile up in one place. Seeing all the kids go through Hoover. Hearing teachers say, "oh wait, Jack, I had your sister in my class." So, yes, we could be making bank but each time you move up you give another piece of yourself. We may look back in 20 years and say "we could have this or that had we moved up." But, in my heart, I believe we'll be happy we've found peace in "enough" That is the lesson we can share with Kate and Alex as they start their careers. Find a balance and learn that having enough is it. Don't get wrapped up in the $$$. I know it's easy to do especially in this world trust me I know. But listening to your heart and knowing you have enough for each day is peace. 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

She's engaged!

How is it possible that Kate is already old enough to be engaged?! We are over the moon excited about the upcoming nuptials! Things have changed a lot in the 25 years since Rick and I were hitched! Today you don't have to do a church wedding but you can if you so choose. Destination weddings are a great choice and that doesn't mean beach only. There are so many cool places to have a wedding. There's a lot to plan and think about and buy in the next 18 months! 

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Preparing for Empty Nest

Rick and I have been together for 24 years. That's a long time, most of that time has involoved our 3 children. We had a couple of years before Kate came along but really, the past 21 years has been all about kids. And we are in the throws of big money right now, not that we're banking big money, ohh noo no, more like money comes in and boom, it goes out. It goes out to the University of Montevallo, it goes out to Phi Mu, it goes out to Hoover High school, football, track, the trip to NY. And those are the big things. That doesn't even include food, and gas. I'm not complaining at all. I love it. I love that we are able to give the kids what they need and want. I mean, to an extent. Jack would really want a whole closet of Patagonia clothes but....that isn't going to happen. Even if we made it big, that wouldn't be happening. Okay, so back to us raising kids for like 21 years. It's been all about them. And you know that one day, the house will be a little quieter, kids start driving, they get busy, they have little jobs and other commitments but that day is far in the future. But what you don't realize is that it will get here super fast, and it'll be upon you and you don't even realize it. We're sort of there. The boys are still at home but we're not needed as much as we used to be so there is time for Rick and I to go do something. I'm not one to sit in the house unless I feel like I've done sort of exercise. I've always been that way. Yesterday, we hiked for an hour and then had lunch at the new pizza place. It was fun and we laughed and as we trekked through The Preserve, we talked about future business adventures, weddings, and such. It was fun. Whew, I guess we can still have fun again out on our own. Yikes, after 21 years, you really never know how that is going to go. But I know we are excited about our family growing someday. We're excited about new ideas and new business plans, we're excited about and pray for our children's future partners. We're thankful every day for every experience we've had with this crazy circus. And, we're looking forward to so many wonderful dates ahead!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Pollen, money, birthdays, Easter and track....

First of all...The pollen. Oh my every single year. Most trees are out but the hard woods are not. Poor Joe. He suffers during this season and with his track schedule he is really out in it. There are literally clouds of pollen that he runs through. Even the heavy hitting allergy meds barely work. Sad for him.

Not sure I updated on my cash stash last week but I was able to stash another 200.00 away. I did good with my menu and budget. Kids are learning that they have to save for things they want and when it's $60.00 shorts, well, that involoves some saving. I think Jack did inquire about a job so that's good. It's time for him to get a little job. Not sure I'll be able to save as much this week because we have Kate's birthday, Lauren's birthday and Alex's birthday along with Easter in the next 10 days!

Joe ran an amazing mile last night is is now a member of the sub 5 club. That was his goal and he did it. We know he came in 2nd but the hosting school messed it up and has it at 3rd by 6 100ths of a second. There were no medals last night but instead of 3rd in the state he'll be 4th....Whatever. He did amazing. Rick and I were literally jumping up and down! We're super excited for him to run for Hoover. Coach Doran has been so great at Bumpus and I know Coach Hinds will be fabulous too!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Almost Friday

Barring some crazy event that requires money, it looks like I will have saved $200.00 this week! Not sure what made this week any different than any other week but I did it. Maybe it was creating the weekly menu. Hopefully, I'll be able to continue this through out the year. If so, I'll have 10k!

Spring green is everywhere which means, everything will be a beautiful yellow. Joe was home this week with a cold or maybe allergies. He went back today. He did PR in the meet at Spain Park. He ran the 800 and the 400. I just ran outside, had a good run. Only ran 3 but after taking a few days off for spring break, it was good. Looking forward to yoga tonight. Kate's passport arrived. She is getting things organzied for finals and then for her big trip to Argentina! i know she is super excited but I'm ready for her to be home and all of us head to Michigan! This year will be bitter sweet. Lauren will be joining us but it is our first year w/o Rick's mom. She would be happy knowing we are all there enjoying the cottage. But she will certainly be missed!

Tomorrow is prom for Hoover. Jack isn't going. He decided he wasn't going to go just to go. Have to thank him for that because there's no way I'd be able to save money with prom. I did tell him he is for sure going next year! He promised he would.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Manic Monday!

Still doing good with the saving plan...I've stashed cash and I am sticking to what's in my wallet. Hoping for nothing crazy unexpected to come up which probably means it will. Actually made one of the recipes I planned for tonight. It is a little complicated for me especially after working all day, going to bootcamp and then coming home to chop veggies. But, I did it and I think it will be delish if not for tonight but for tomorrow or for my lunch. Joe was home sick, he asked for nachos so I ran by the store for him but that's it. Got the dogs from the vet today on my lunch hour. Owen was crazy but it was so good to see them. I love them so much! It is a beautiful evening. We are all getting spring fever. 8 more weeks til summer is here!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Save $100 per week? Me? Sure gonna try

I've come back from spring break thinking I can really be frugal and save $100.00 out of my weekly cash. I mean with Pinterest and planning meals, I can do this. The boys are hungry. They want to eat all the time so I have to be better about planning dinners. We spend a lot on food each week. It's so easy to get bogged down with every day life stuff and I'm the first to just buy whatever.  But, I can do this! If I save $100.00/week out of my cash, that is $5200.00/year. I can do this! Becky Bloomwood is trying to take over but I keep pushing her out of my mind. I don't need anything new to do this, I can use everything I already have! I'm telling her to shut up! I've found an old journal that I used maybe 3 times. I've made my recipe list and I'm ready for the store. I'm kind of funny about organic meats so I know I'll still be buying those. They do get expensive but they're really so much better for you. I can never go back to eating non organic meats. Here's my dinners for the week.

Sunday- Baked Ravioli (easy peasy & fairly cheap)

Monday- Salsa chicken ( easy ingredients, little prep time...sounds good to me!)

Tues- Track meet...Plan on fast food...Budget about $20.00 for it.

Wed- Arroz Con Pollo- Something new, sounds delish and ingredients are easy and cheap. Love that!

Thur- Beef Burgandy...Boys will love it, they'll think I spent a lot of time on it. Easy prep and will cook all day in slow!

Fri- Eat out, get cash again, stash $100.00 aside! Start over planning. I can do this!